Why Should I Do Business With You?

I have found that I have changed my ‘elevator pitch’ a million times and still don’t have it down solid!

It is so important to be able to speak with clarity, what it is that you do.  How do you help to change someone’s life?

What makes you different?  Do you know why people should do business with you?

If you don’t know, how can you express that to someone else?!

What value do you create in somone’s life? What problem do you have the solution for? How will it help them?

It is called an ‘elevator pitch’ because it should be as short as an elevator ride, 30 to 60 seconds.  That’s it!

Take your phone or your video camera and prop it up on a table and record yourself talking about what you do.

Yes, I know – it is not that fun!  And sometimes even painful.  Laugh at yourself and do it anyway.

Watch the recording on your computer so you can see yourself on a bigger screen.  Now be gentle and critique yourself.

This is sometimes difficult but very important and rewarding once you do it a few times.  You will get better!

Go out and try your new pitch out at a few networking events or on friends.

Do this again in a month.  Watch how you grow and your ‘What do I do’ statement starts to get really, really good!