When What You Believe MATTERS!!!

I am sitting in my house all by myself with these great ideas, so I decided to climb up on a soapbox.  With no one around, you get to be my audience.

Do you believe you live in an abundant Universe? Do you see the abundance all around you? Or – are you believing in lack, no money in your

pocket and believing all the crap you hear about our economy?


I don’t watch TV.  I actually hate TV…I hate the word hate, so I will rephrase that…I really dislike TV. But – my husband has been taping a show for me called, “Million Dollar Rooms”.  This is actually TV worth watching!  There are people who are spending milllions of dollars to create rooms in their homes that are luxurious, extravagant and fabulous.  The reason this show is so fabulous is that it will expand your view, your beliefs around money and the abundance that is out there.  When you expand your imagination, your ideas of what is possible – they are not like a rubber band, they don’t snap back.  They remain expanded. I encourage you to stretch your imagination and your idea of what is possible for you.

People all around me are making millions of dollars.  People all around you are making millions of dollars, doing what they love.  And if it is not your goal or vision to make a million dollars that is okay too!  But seriously, if I handed you a million dollars I bet you would actually take it!  My point is – our world is abundant.  Money is flowing and exchanging hands and you could easily put your hands out and have some flow to you too.  It all depends on what you believe to be true. Again, your beliefs matter.

Are you ready to drop the lack and scarcity thinking and believing?  I sure am!  When you begin to notice the abundance all around you, it will start coming to you.  Our belief system filters what we can see.  Money could pass right by your face and if you believe in lack you won’t even see it.

I encourage you to reprogram your brain, reprogram your beliefs to see and know that the Universe is abundant.  These are great times, and you can create whatever it is that you want to create.  You just have to believe that you can.

I love the name of my business, Programmed For Wealth.  This is a lot easier than you think.  You have the ability to think and believe differently. What do you have to lose….lack, excuses, scarcity?  Please, begin to program yourself for wealth, our entire world will be better for it.

Victoria Buckmann





  1. Love this post Victoria! I couldn’t agree with you more! This has been certainly been my experience. I think it begins with just knowing that we have a choice in what we believe and the power to change our reality – including the abundance that flows to us. Thanks for “climbing on your soapbox” and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. This is so true Victoria! The things around won’t change unless we change the things around us, and that starts with how we think and what we believe!

  3. Great article! You need to add some social bookmarking buttons on your blog so people can easily share these articles with friends through social media!

  4. Nicole

    I, too, love the name of your business! Programmed For Wealth not only sounds great, but it is a good thing to be!

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