THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES…..I already knew that. Yesterday I led a powerful workshop on self worth, wealth and raising our vibration or frequency. In my workshop I talked about…. As you raise your vibration your self worth increases along with your wealth, as you raise you self worth your vibration increases and you attract to yourself everything you desire that is good….after my workshop I lost my voice. Today, the day after I can not talk, I can talk but no sound comes out so I decided to read a book that my friend Char (I am convinced that she is an Angel) dropped off at my house. The book’s title is “Frequency” and it is all about the scientific proof and the idea that as we let go of old beliefs, clutter…we raise our vibration. As we raise our vibration everything flows and all good comes to us. See there are no coincidences, I havent put the book down all day. I wanted to share this book with all of you if you choose to look into more of what we were talking about yesterday. It is a great book! Just wanted to share with you!
Penney Peirce is the author.

Happy DeCluttering!