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Increase Your Happiness, Increase Your Business

I received a letter in the mail from my realtor and she included a sheet entitled, “5 Reasons to Get Happy”.  I was very happy that she had sent this reminder to me, and now I want to share some of it with you. Happiness is a choice. It is much more than a state […]

Why Should I Do Business With You?

I have found that I have changed my ‘elevator pitch’ a million times and still don’t have it down solid! It is so important to be able to speak with clarity, what it is that you do.  How do you help to change someone’s life? What makes you different?  Do you know why people should […]

The Law of Karma

Most of us have heard of Karma.  Often we think it is a form of punishment, don’t do something to someone or it will come back and be done to you.  For many years that is what I thought.  Now, after years of spiritual work on myself I see Karma from a different perspective.   […]

Finding Your Purpose Makes Life Easy

Each and every one of us came into this world with a purpose.  Most of us have searched, asked and wondered, “”What is my purpose?  What am I supposed to do?  Who am I supposed to be?”  That is the ultimate question! When you know your purpose and align your goals with that purpose, your […]