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Easily Transform Stress

Here is a simple and FREE way to transform your Holiday Health…the Holidays can be stressful, but they DONT HAVE TO BE. Your BREATH is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to relieve stress and IMPROVE your Health! Try the 4-7-8 relaxing breath recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil. First exhale through your mouth. Now […]

What is your time worth?

As women we tend to give away our talents and gifts.  This is not a bad thing, we are givers. What you need to improve upon is ‘giving to yourself’ first!  We all can be better at this. When you think about what you want to make this year, what number do you come up […]

Do You Deserve Success?

One of the things that everyone wants in life is SUCCESS. I haven’t met a single person or worked with a single client who said they didn’t want success yet everyone’s definition of success is different. For some people, success is having millions of dollars. Some have told me they want a thriving business. Others […]