Treat yourself to a day of

Mindset Mastery Training

Unveil Your Light  Know You Are Enough!

Victoria Buckmann VIP Day of Indulgence

Is your Inner Critic your constant companion that screams in your ear, “You are Not good enough” “You are a fraud!” “You are not working hard enough!”

Are you having problems setting your pricing and valuing your own services and talents?

Do you have a difficult time promoting yourself and your business?

Come Change your MINDSET!

VIP Day of Indulgence

Eliminate blocks that stop you in your tracks & exhaust you

Start valuing yourself & see results in your finances, health & relationships

Learn to recognize your gifts & speak confidently about who you are & what you offer

Breathe • Relax • Gain Confidence


VIP Day of Indulgence

Create a Success Mindset


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Tracy, CA
Only $197



Organic lunch & dinner will be served with ‘ALIVE’ water


925-399-2649 or  209-832-8259