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Do you feel bad that you haven’t done your homework? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you didn’t know where to start!
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Push Thru Procrastination And Overcome Overwhelm

This 2 hour accountability & support call will give you the process to release blocks and procrastination and achieve success. The best 2 hours you could spend!
You will get the support and accountability to make it all hit home and get off to a running start.
You will shift from overwhelm into ACTION MODE. Quiet the voice that says, “How do I go forward and make this happen, technology, auto-responders, sales, where do I start?!”

I am your Accountability Coach – I am “your Pushing Thru Procrastination Buddy”.
You will get:
• Proven Methods to get thru the Overwhelm (value $150)
• An End to the Procrastination and Lots of Support (Value Priceless!)
• 5 minute Morning routine for success in 5 simple steps
• Worksheet with 5 minute Morning routine (Value $49)
• The ‘3 Layer Dip’ method to sell and pre-sell easily! (Value $50)
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