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Did you know that even successful entrepreneurs and successful sales people struggle to attract clients and make sales easily? Learn to let go of the anxiety that comes from the fear of selling and promoting your product or business. The only boundary to your success is limited thinking. Retrain your mind, your thought patterns, and actions to attract the money, people and resources you need to achieve maximum success and wealth. Are you ready to create and shape your life and success with your thoughts?


Presentation Topics

Attract More Clients Who WANT To Buy From You!

Contrary to common beliefs, selling is not a dirty word. Sales make the world go round and sales equal service. Knowing your target market, understanding what they care about and how to connect with them while maintaining a serving heart will create extraordinary sales results. Promote your business with confidence, attract more clients and make more money.

  • Discover what is ‘holding you back’ and how to think differently to get you in ‘ACTION’.

  • How to achieve super sales with high integrity that honors your clients, your sales team and meets your goals

  • Simple keys on how to talk with potential clients so they want to connect and do business with you.

Secrets to Exceeding Your Potential.

All things that become a physical reality are first created in the mind from a thought. Your beliefs are never neutral, they either move you forward or hold you back. Change the thought patterns in your brain to achieve the success you want and deserve. Learn pratical and profound tools that lead to success.  In this eye-opening presentation, Victoria reveals how to unlock your potential by:

  • Overcoming personal history and social conditioning

  • The secret behind why your financial abundance is based on your perception of Self

  • How to change that perception quickly and easily for dramatic results

Booking an Event

Do you need a lively, engaged speaker with a ton of experience, who can easily integrate an accessible yet profound spiritual approach with down-to-earth practical business skills? If you are in the process of booking speakers for your group events then you’ll find Victoria’s topics ideal for an audience of entrepreneurs and professionals. She’ll make every minute engaging, informative & interactive. For bookings, contact Victoria at 209 832 8259.

What People are Saying

“Before working with Victoria I didn’t have a strong direction for my business.  After working with Victoria, I gained more confidence, starting charging more and my business really took off. ”  
K. Messersmith, Athletes Aligned- Physical Therapist, Stockton, Ca.
“Working with Victoria is like strapping on rocket boots!  That laser like focus jolted me out of a lifelong ‘planning pattern’ and catapulted my work forward. Getting to this point would have taken me months without Victoria’s clarity, support and knowledgeable guidance. On top of all that, she is also funny, light and a sheer joy to work with!”
 S. Crossman, Author, Trainer, Sausalito, Ca.

“I learned new ways to energize my ability to let go of old limiting beliefs. Victoria did a great job!”

S. Brainard, Contract Manager, San Ramon, CA

“Today I woke with clarity and a sense that I can accomplish anything I choose and love doing it… and I will! What a difference taking out the garbage does for the psyche!”

J. Martin, Anti-Aging Specialist, Elk Grove, CA

“Victoria helped make changes in my life in an area where I was stuck. She assisted me in discovering and releasing aspects of myself that were sabotaging my ability to move forward and experience greater success in my career. She is caring and results oriented.”

R. Kellogg, Licensed Psychotherapist, San Ramon, CA

For bookings, contact Victoria Buckmann 209 832 8259.