Just Be

Every morning my husband and I say our prayers in bed before we get up.  We read the affirmation for the day from the Silent Unity booklet.  Today’s was very powerful and really spoke to me.  It was the same message that I was intuitively giving to one of my clients just the other day.  I hope this speaks to you too!

Just Be.

I am relaxed and present to this moment.

If I’ve been speeding around from place to place, task to task, project to project, I gift myself with the experience of being present in this very moment.  I set aside any thoughts or concerns about what needs to be done.  I relax my body and mind, freeing myself to enjoy JUST BEING.  Yes, I can just be!

Awareness of the rhythmic flow of my breath ushers me into a relaxed state.  I needn’t do anything, just be. Whether I enjoy an extended time in the silence or just a few quick moments, I derive the blessing.  I am revitalized.  The benefits from my time of rest encourage me to take time every day to just be.  Be quiet.  Be still.  Be at peace.  I give thanks for the moments of pause and peace that nourish me.  Renewed, I embrace the activities ahead with enthusiasm.

Enjoy your day and remember even for 1 second, Just Be!

Victoria Buckmann