How Business Owners Can Capitalize on Their Expertise

As a local business owner, you have intellectual property that is highly valuable – your knowledge! 

It is extremely beneficial to capture your expertise and ideas in writing.  It establishes you as an expert in your field in addition to giving you credibility as a writer and professional.

Not sure what to write about?

Think about the knowledge that flows out of your mouth when you are speaking to a potential customer.  What information do you give them, for free, that is helpful and valuable? 

What are you passionate about?  You have X number of years of experience in a particular field that the average person doesn’t have, you have lots to write about!

When you write articles, giving real life tips and techniques that can be used to change someone’s life or business, this advances your professional status which can also increase your income.  When you become known as the expert in your field, others will seek you out.

Here are some ideas on how to use YOUR articles once you have written some.

Put your articles on your website, other people’s websites (with their permission of course), or use them as your blogs.

Have your articles printed up to look like a magazine reprint and mail them out to people in your network.  Handwrite a short note letting them know that you were thinking of them and you thought they might find these tips/ideas helpful.

Send the same out to your past and current clients.

Add an article in every proposal that you send out.  People will remember you for giving some useful information in addition to your pricing.

When you have 3 – 4 articles written you can create an ebook or white paper.  Add a few articles from other business owner friends and create a book.

Or you might create a workbook by adding some exercises to your articles.

Your articles are great to leave in the back of a networking room or conference.  They should include your contact information on them and now they are more interesting than just a business card.

You have more information inside your head than you realize.  Put it down on paper and share what you know with others.  You will have more people thinking of you and contacting you.  This is a good thing!