Have you been Creative Lately?

Most of us go around thinking everything is fine. If we can keep everything
‘status quo’, we’ll be ok.

Our business will go on the way it always has. We keep doing things the same,
why deviate from what has been working? But is this true? When was the last
time you came up with a creative idea? For most business owners the answer
is, “I don’t know, probably a year or two ago.”

A couple good reasons to ‘be creative’ are: number 1 – change and number
2 – fun.

When things change and you come up with new ideas, new information, the
energy (your energy) shifts. Things become fresh again. You no longer solve
todays challenges with yesterdays solutions.

We are finding in this time of so many things shifting on the planet that what
worked two years ago doesn’t work today. Change, although we resist it, feels
good once you get to the other side.

When you take new ideas and mix them up, combine them it is amazing what
you can come up with.

The ancients mixed copper that was soft and an even softer tin and created
hard bronze.

As you become more creative, you will find that generating new ideas is FUN.
Creative thinking uses the right side of the brain that sometimes sits idle for
too long. Using both sides of your brain brings balance to your body, your
business and ultimately your life.

It is pleasurable to use your creative faculties. When you start to use this side
of your thinking, it gets the juices flowing and more great ideas pop up.

See if you can try to look at the same things you see everyday and think
differently about them. You might come up with a new process, a new product
or a piece of art.

You definitely will have a new prespective. Try it!