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“If You Feel Good about Helping Others, But Break Out in a Sweat When They Ask You What You Charge, Then Keep Reading …”

From: Victoria Buckmann
Tracy, CA, USA

Hi there!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated when it comes to getting more clients and being paid well for your services, you’ve come to the right place!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  It can be lonely and overwhelming. Working too hard, with little income coming in is frustrating and aggravating to say the least!

I know that you want a constant stream of new clients.  And you would love to have more confidence in yourself and your services AND having more money coming in than going out every month!

You might not know what needs to change or how to change it! Ughhh!  That is so frustrating too!

While working with my own clients, this is one of the most common stumbling blocks I help them overcome. If you’re like most of the clients I’ve worked with you are:

  • Beyond Frustrated because your income is so much smaller than the big vision you have for your business
  • Paralyzed because you can’t stand the thought of having to sell
  • Anxious (your stomach turns) when you think about approaching people and asking them to be your clients.

You are creative and talented and know that you’re here to make a bigger, more meaningful impact in the world.

You feel you could be changing thousands of lives, but there’s something holding you back… an “invisible barrier.”

“The Programs That You Created in Childhood Kept You Safe…”

Most children by the time they’re 5-7 years old have made certain decisions about the world based on what they’ve seen, heard and experienced.

These are not conscious choices, but those decisions become beliefs and programs that continue to run your life until you consciously change them.

“…and Now Those Same Programs Hold You Back…”

The limiting beliefs and programs that you picked up as a child are almost always the reason that you bump up against these “invisible barriers” to success.

Many of the clients I’ve worked had programs running like:

  • “I’m Not a Sales Person” (Sales People Are Bad)
  • “It’s Not OK to Sell Your Services”
  • “Sales Skills Cannot Be Learned”
  • “It’s Not OK to ‘Toot Your Own Horn’”
  • “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive”

You can probably imagine how having programs like these can limit your ability to sell your services and get more clients! Who wants to have a sales conversation if they believe it’s not OK to sell?

“More Often Than Not, There’s a Limiting Belief in the Way… One You Didn’t Even Know You Had…”

If you’re not getting the clients and results you want, chances are there’s a limiting belief or program (maybe more than one!) getting in the way.

“You Can’t See Your Own Blind Spots…”

Transforming your limiting beliefs around sales is tricky because, by definition, you can’t see your own “blind spots.”

These beliefs run your actions as if you are on autopilot. This can make you feel as if you are going in circles or running into a wall.

If you are agreeing, ‘Yes I do feel frustrated and overwhelmed at times!’  HELP IS ON THE WAY!

“That’s Why I Created The ‘Increase Your Client Base with Ease’ Program…”

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Ruth Kellogg,

“Victoria helped make changes in my life in an area where I was stuck.

She assisted me in discovering and releasing aspects of myself that were sabotaging my ability to move forward and experience greater success in my career.

She is caring and results oriented.”


Suzanne Gorham

“I was able to overcome my blocks to moving forward in my business quickly.

I enjoyed working with Victoria… her work opened my mind to different ways of working and thinking.”


Judy Martin,
Anti-Aging Specialist

“Today I woke with clarity and a sense that I can accomplish anything I choose and love doing it… and I will!

What a difference taking out the garbage does for the psyche!”


You will learn the secrets to:

  • Making “inner” changes that will re-align your energy with money and selling so you exude positive energy and become magnetic to potential clients

  • Shifting your thoughts and programs so that results, sales and income materialize more easily

  • Closing more sales and growing your client base while coming from a place of integrity and authenticity, using profound spiritual principles

  • Applying practical steps to bringing more money into your business and life

  • Talking to anyone about your business… without FEAR!

  • Having a solution-oriented conversation with ease and confidence, knowing that you are having a profound positive impact in your potential clients’ lives whether they sign up for your services or not.


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I promise to deliver high quality content and training.  I’m confident you will get HUGE value.

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P.S. If you’re not getting the clients and results you want, chances are there’s a limiting belief or program (maybe more than one!) getting in the way. Check out my Increase Your Client Base with Ease program risk-free for 7 days.

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