You will see that all the answers you need come from within.  You will learn to stop hiding your magnificence …  Jack Canfield 

Individual Coaching Packages

Options – 6 month program:
Twice a month 
Four times a month 

Contact Victoria for pricing and to be sure that you’re a match to work together.

Individual VIP Day 


2 Full Days 
Acknowledge where you are.  Decide what you truly want.  Create the vision both written and verbal.  Set your course, create an action plan- written and verbal.  Set up a game you can win – Specify what you’re going to achieve along the way and learn to track your numbers and results.  Do what you say you’re going to do – put your plan in action.

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Programmed For Wealth System

Worth to Wealth: What does your Confidence have to do with your Net Worth?

You become what you believe”, Oprah Winfrey
See yourself in a WHOLE new way…you will draw wealth, more clients and success to you, quicker and easier. This ‘game changing’ workshop will have you discover your True Net Worth, it is about so much more than a dollar amount!

You will discover:

  • How to Unlock your true potential for success and achievement by recognizing how your history is influencing your present reality
  • how to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs
  • ways to create real joy and WEALTH in your life NOW
  • Why your financial abundance is based on your perception of yourself and how to change that quickly and easily
  • Simple keys that will help you take complete control of your thoughts, decisions and actions…literally CHANGING YOUR MIND


Moved forward & experienced greater success in my career… Victoria helped make changes in my life in an area where I was stuck. She assisted me in discovering and releasing aspects of myself that were sabotaging my ability to move forward and experience greater success in my career. She is caring and results oriented. – Ruth Kellogg, Licensed Psychotherapist


Turning your Confidence into Abundant Wealth

Be who you REALLY are. Understand the power you have to change your own life and level of success.  In this powerful workshop you will know what it feels like to be someone who goes for the gusto; who is willing to live your greatest passions, and reach your FULL     POTENTIAL.

You will walk away with:

  • Complete clarity about who you are and what you REALLY want in your life
  • Simple ways to raise your energy and attract everything you want to you
  • A transformed relationship with money allowing you to lead a more purposeful and prosperous life
  • A clear action plan to attract all you want to be, do and have in your life


Intuitive power to reveal the true source of your problem & clear it… I have more awareness of my subconscious mind and tune in to it more now than ever. I followed my intuition and changed jobs to one that is more fulfilling. I created my new job opening! She has the intuitive power to reveal the true source of your problem or concern and clear it. –Gary B., Gymnastics Coach


Blowing the Top Off Everything!   Dream Your Life Even BIGGER!

Now that your Intention is very clear, it’s all about Attention.  We are going to s t r e t c h your imagination and start thinking unlimited!   Once we open your mind to having it all….it never goes back to its original size!

You will transform to:

  • Accomplish more of your goals in the next year than you have in 5 years
  • Eliminate the false ideas that are putting a ceiling on your desires
  • Unlock the power of your subconscious mind, inspire to move forward and TAKE ACTION
  • Give yourself permission to be open to ALL POSSIBILITIES and watch how they amazingly show up


Opened my mind to different ways of working & thinking… I was able to overcome my blocks to moving forward in my business quickly. I enjoyed working with Victoria, her work opened my mind to different ways of working and thinking. –Suzanne G.



Inner Wealth Circle
Group Coaching and Accountability

The Inner Wealth Circle teleseminar series supports you in your journey and ensures your success in creating both inner and outer Wealth in your life.  In this program you will become UNSTOPPABLE .

You will get:

  • Simple ways to get rid of blocks that are keeping you stuck and propel you forward.
  • Coaching and support to boost your attract-ability to greater success, sales and money!
  • Accountability to stay on track for your personal plan and keep a laser like focus.
  • Ideas and solutions that bring results, and unshakable confidence.



Be the success you were meant to be!  -Victoria Buckmann