Choosing a New Belief

Every one of us has some belief that is running our life, a belief that we unconsciously decided because of an event that happened in our life that was less than ideal. It could be something complex or something very simple.
For instance,when you were a kid,  if you had a picture that you had just drawn and you were very excited about it and proud of yourself.  You really wanted to share it with your dad and have him be happy for you and proud of you. Instead of him responding  ‘happy’, (because he was thinking of other things that he had to get done),  he ignored you and turned around and walked out of the house.
Unconsciously as a child in that moment your mind decided,  ‘everyone leaves me’, and internalized this thought.  The thought becomes a belief and your mind keeps pulling ‘similar’  situations to you because your mind’s job is to make you RIGHT.
In order to make you right it brings other situations where ‘everyone leaves you’ and reinforces the belief.  Over and over again, to the point where you now have evidence that everyone leaves you or you attract people who are not there  for you.
These unconscious beliefs that are so deeply hidden in our subconscious drive our actions and decisions in life without us even realizing it.
The way to figure out what the belief is that is running your life is by looking at the evidence of what it showing up in your life that is less than ideal.  To say it another way, what is showing up that is exactly the opposite of what you say you want.
When you bring awareness, conscious attention, to the belief it begins to change.  Your awareness will also help you to consciously change your actions and behaviors so that you ARE in alignment with what you want instead.  It does take conscious attention and some effort on your part.
The next step is to write out the intention of what you do want, your goal. Think about how it will feel when you have that goal achieved in your life. Really feel the feelings and get in touch with them in your body.  Decide what actions you would take when you have what you want in your life.  See the actions that you are taking in your mind.  Write down those actions and begin to do them now.

Write your new intention daily with your hand that you usually write with and also with your non-dominant hand.  This helps to instill the new belief – intention in both sides of your brain.  Do this daily for 30 days to create a new habit and a new belief.

Take action on the steps that you wrote down, what you saw yourself doing to achieve the goal you want in your life.  Look at these actions steps written out, and read them aloud daily.  Do one or two things everyday that will lead to achieving your goal.

The 2 keys to this process are awareness and consistancy. You must be committed to changing your old belief and your actions that come from that old belief.

This process is very powerful.  I have seen many clients change their live’s in just months by changing their belief’s compared to working very hard to change their actions from the outside only, and even after years they have little or no results.