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Take Care Of Yourself and Allow Abundance To Flow

When you are a coach or teacher, it is so important to walk your talk.  Lately the Universe has been showing me how I can improve upon taking care of myself.  That seems to be the theme for most of us women today (and men), putting ourselves first on the list, making our needs important, […]

What is your time worth?

As women we tend to give away our talents and gifts.  This is not a bad thing, we are givers. What you need to improve upon is ‘giving to yourself’ first!  We all can be better at this. When you think about what you want to make this year, what number do you come up […]

Increase your Vibration to attract Wealth

  What is ‘Wealth’ to you? For some it is money for retirement or college, others it is to travel the world and learn about new people and places.  Wealth could be a quality of life, the ability to get a massage every month, a comfortable home that makes you feel wonderful or being able […]