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Why Should I Do Business With You?

I have found that I have changed my ‘elevator pitch’ a million times and still don’t have it down solid! It is so important to be able to speak with clarity, what it is that you do.  How do you help to change someone’s life? What makes you different?  Do you know why people should […]

What is your time worth?

As women we tend to give away our talents and gifts.  This is not a bad thing, we are givers. What you need to improve upon is ‘giving to yourself’ first!  We all can be better at this. When you think about what you want to make this year, what number do you come up […]

Sales is Really Teaching

Today, SALES  is ‘teaching’! You must teach and add value to your clients and their business. Everyone is so busy, and often times, OVERWHELMED by all they have to do in both their business life and their personal lives. When you offer advice, methods and techniques to make their lives’ easier and a bit less […]