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Self Care = Gratitude

 I have been focused on self care this month.Self care is about being grateful and appreciativefor yourSelf, yourself, your body and the ones youlove.  We have an easy time thanking others, butHow often do you thank yourself for all the thingsyou do every day? I have just started to do this, and it feels pretty amazing.I […]

Positive Thinking, so lets look at your language

What you say to yourself in your head is the most important aspect in making changes in your life.  What you say outloud is also very important.  We all know what affirmations are…correct?….but did you know that when you say “I never remember anyone’s name”, you just said an affirmation.  Or when you say, “I […]

Thinking Out Loud…Can It Hurt or Help?

As I stood in the middle of the road next to my car that wouldn’t start, in 100 degree weather, I was glad to know that my husband had not left for work yet.  I called him with despair in my voice and told him that my steering went out, the check engine light was […]