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Curiosity – the Road Map to Your Divine Mission

I have been having thoughts about ‘Sacred Geometry’ pop into my head often lately. I have to say geometry was not one of my favorite subjects and I did not excel in that class. But, Sacred Geometry definitely has me curious and has peaked my interest lately. So, as I often do I drew a […]

How Business Owners Can Capitalize on Their Expertise

As a local business owner, you have intellectual property that is highly valuable – your knowledge!  It is extremely beneficial to capture your expertise and ideas in writing.  It establishes you as an expert in your field in addition to giving you credibility as a writer and professional.Not sure what to write about?Think about the […]

How is your business plan working for you?

How is your business plan working for you? A business plan consists of a collection of your visions, intentions and ultimately your decisions. Every successful business starts with a plan. It doesn’t matter if your business is made up of 100 people or just you. Having a business plan in place that you read often […]

It’s All About Your Why

Today I really saw how powerful the inspiration and motivation can be when you truly find your ‘REAL WHY’.   I thought the reason why I was building my business was because I wanted to help others live their dreams, and I still do.  I thought I was building my business so that I could […]