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Just Be

Every morning my husband and I say our prayers in bed before we get up.  We read the affirmation for the day from the Silent Unity booklet.  Today’s was very powerful and really spoke to me.  It was the same message that I was intuitively giving to one of my clients just the other day. […]

Creating Success in 2012, A New Energy

We hear it everywhere we go.  This is the year of transformation, the year that the Mayan calendar comes to an end.  Our world is changing, thank God, and so is our consciousness. This is a fabulous year to achieve the life long goals and dreams that we have been wanting to achieve…goals that may […]

How to Be Rich

Being Rich is relative.  Someone in a third world country might consider someone with running water to be rich.  A child from another country might consider someone with 2 pairs of shoes rich.  What is rich to you?  I have had friends over who have young kids and they think I am rich because I […]

Increase your Vibration to attract Wealth

  What is ‘Wealth’ to you? For some it is money for retirement or college, others it is to travel the world and learn about new people and places.  Wealth could be a quality of life, the ability to get a massage every month, a comfortable home that makes you feel wonderful or being able […]