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What is your Passion?

What is your passion? And how do you create it in your life? That is the million dollar question, and it is very simple just not that easy. Gary and I just got finished writing down…When I am living my ideal life, I am….and then we imagined what our life would look like, how we […]

Who lied to us…Money does grow on trees!

Some people say they have an attitude about life and it is all due to their low level of income, money not coming in. They maintain that if they could solve their money problems, they would be happy and show others what happiness is all about. Yet, they have not discovered that their failure to […]

Mr. Wes-When All Else Fails, Empty the Dishwasher

I know that you have had days like this…..yesterday, I got up and had my entire day planned. I was very hopeful and excited about writing all the content for my upcoming workshops and getting the flyer done. And then….the phone rang…..I got a message from a friend that the email that I sent her […]

Goal Setting – You Still Have the Rest of the Year

Well January is gone, but we still have the rest of the year. Setting a goal and going for it, or changing a habit that you know you should change is still very possible! Whether you planned to start fresh for the New Year or you just want to be happier and healthier, now is […]