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Have you been Creative Lately?

Most of us go around thinking everything is fine. If we can keep everything ‘status quo’, we’ll be ok. Our business will go on the way it always has. We keep doing things the same, why deviate from what has been working? But is this true? When was the last time you came up with […]

Creating Success in 2012, A New Energy

We hear it everywhere we go.  This is the year of transformation, the year that the Mayan calendar comes to an end.  Our world is changing, thank God, and so is our consciousness. This is a fabulous year to achieve the life long goals and dreams that we have been wanting to achieve…goals that may […]

Be Willing to Take Risks…For Your Dreams

BEING A RISK TAKER You can’t be both excellent and complacent. You must choose one or the other. Excellence requires a degree of risk – the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. It means moving forward with a decision knowing that you will be uncomfortable. Risk taking involves trying something new, embracing novelty. […]

Give Thanks in this new economy

What a great time of year to look back and count the blessings that have come to you. No matter what your current situation might be, I’m sure there is something you can feel grateful for today. You woke up this morning and you are reading this….Give thanks! Take a deep breath and give thanks […]