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Breakthrough Barriers: 

How To Unlock YOUR Brain’s Potential for Profit Formula
For A Successful Life & Business 

Workshop on February 8th, 2014  

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Are you a woman who is doing everything that you know how to possibly do, yet you feel like you’re not moving forward?


Are you so busy running the business that you have no time to grow your business?

checkDoes the idea of making six figures intrigue you, but overwhelm you at the same time?
checkYou’re doing everything you know how to do – but the money is still not flowing in easily.
checkMore than likely you have a big vision (even if you’ve lost sight of it at this moment), and you want to make a difference, right? 

Yet you haven’t found the secret formula that allows you to blend what you love to do, your work in the world and MAKING MONEY. 

(And, having some time to yourself would be fabulous to!)

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I have found that there are three parts to the secret formula that allows you to do what you love, make good money doing it, and have a plan knowing each next step is guiding you in the right direction.

First, you must uncover the hidden, unconscious beliefs to get to the source of the
programming that is blocking you, keeping you stuck or sabotaging your efforts.

The best way to do this is through visualization and guided meditation. The amazing thing is that when you go in and change these beliefs, your behaviors and actions change automatically.

This is so cool!

I have created a workshop where you will go in and change those unconscious beliefs right on the spot (with my help) so that when you leave the workshop, all those blocks and old programs will be left behind.

Icon - DollarYou will step back into your life with new ideas on what is possible for you, feeling free and lighter and ready to move forward with the life you really want to live.

The second part of the secret formula, is tapping into the Universal Intelligence and the innate wisdom of your own mind and body, asking that wisdom for help.

When you’re always looking for answers from the conscious mind-very little changes in your life, but when you change the beliefs that run your thinking and let answers come from within – everything changes!
Asking your own inner wisdom for answers and for help, allows you to get to right to the core of your issue.

This way of asking for help gives you ‘an inner knowing’ that you’re on the right track and allows you to break free and start to live your life from your desires.

You will easily learn how to get your own answers, I will show you simple ways to do that.

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  • Change the biggest beliefs that are sabotaging your success on the spot.
  • Start to change your behaviors and actions automatically moving you toward success
  • You will call on your own answers from within, and know you are doing the ‘right’ thing
  • You’ll be able to call on the intelligence of the Universe to guide you forward to fulfill your dreams.

The third part of the secret formula is having an action plan. 

Icon - Bar GraphHaving a plan that is guided by your inner knowing makes working that plan feel easier, and allows you to create a six-figure business that provides personal growth, a fulfilling career, the money to do what you WANT to do, and the ability to give back.

This is where your heart and soul, your life and career all come together!  

It is very possible for you to have a successful career while staying connected to your purpose and mission in life.

In fact, in order to have the life and work that you love, you MUST be connected to Universal energy and your own HEARTS WISDOM!

If your heart is calling you, PLEASE JOIN me on February 8th to experience each part of this secret formula in this life-changing workshop.

Saturday, February 8, 2014
from 9am ’til 6pm

Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Livermore, CA 94551

(Value:$497 ) Cost: $97  

Early Bird Special for a limited time only $49
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You will be experiencing change right in this workshop! Your life and your year will be transformed forever.
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You will be tapping into your own innate wisdom on this day and you will end the day knowing you can do this for yourself again and again.

You will leave the workshop a different person with a new perspective.

New opportunities abound when you ‘change your mind’.

I look forward to helping you change your life!

With Love,