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 Breakthrough Barriers: 

Experiencing Abundance from the Inside Out

Workshop on Saturday, Aug 16th, 2014  

With Guest Speaker Rebecca Hall GruyterRebecca Hall
You Deserve Every Good Thing that the Universe Has to Offer

check Are your goals the same ones you’ve had for the past few years and you can’t figure out what you need to do differently to achieve them?

You have a vision of an amazing life you could be living but some part of you stops you in your tracks. Does this feel familiar?

check Are you ready to change those ‘inner voices’ so you can reach the dreams you have for yourself?
check Could you use some powerful tools to take your personal and professional growth to the next level? (Good news, they are inside you right now waiting to be uncovered!)
check If you could tap into the wise part of you that knows everything about you, how would your life be different?
check Is it time for you to experience abundance starting on the inside?

If you have said “Yes” to these questions – then your guidance is calling you to be a part of this community and uncover the tools that YOU have inside to create abundance in your life in many areas.

I know how much you want to create a business that fulfills you, brings balance to your life and makes you the income you need to be happy.

As a women you want to do what you love, have work and play be one and the same, make money and a difference, and have a plan knowing you are being guided in the right direction.

We Block The Abundance & Success
We Desire and Deserve In Ways We’re
Not Even Consciously Aware Of

We all have unconscious beliefs that are blocking us and sabotaging our efforts. And these beliefs are not easy to find or change by ourselves.

When you recognize the ‘inner voices’ and renegotiate the ‘rules’ with them, your life opens up and things begin to change dramatically. 

With imagination, guided meditation and some direction, you can change these beliefs forever!

The wonderful part is that when you change these beliefs, your behaviors and actions change automatically allowing in more of what you want and dream about. Your results change!

This is why I love this work-play!

I have created this event for you so that you have a safe place where you will go in and change those unconscious beliefs right on the spot (with my help) leaving those blocks and old programs behind. 

Rebecca HallWith amazing speaker, the wonderful Rebecca Hall Gruyter!
Creator of Women’s Empowerment Series & Best Selling Author
Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a Character Code Coach®, Master Trainer, Creator of Your Success Formula™, and Owner of a successful financial private practice. She has a track record of leading her people to achieve abundant results. She is committed to helping you line up your business with you, your core values, and your passions so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted.

confidence | Victoria Buckmann

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You will step back into your life with new ideas on what is possible for you, changing your relationship with money and ready to move forward with the life you really want to live.

You will learn new ways to tap into the Universal Intelligence and the innate wisdom in your own mind and body, allowing that wisdom to guide you from now on. 

When you look for answers from the conscious mind-very little changes in your life, but when you change the beliefs that run your thinking and let answers come from within –everything changes!

You will easily learn how to get your own answers, I will show you simple ways to do that.

In this workshop: 

  • Change the ‘inner voices’ (aspects of yourself) that are sabotaging your success on the spot.
  • Learn how to reprogram the filter within your brain that blocks out opportunities and all new experiences that you want have.
  • You will learn how to get your own answers from within, and know you are doing the ‘right’ thing for you.
  • You’ll be able to move forward with more ease, grace and playfully.

Having a plan that is guided by your innate wisdom makes working that plan feel:

  • easier, and allows you to create a profitable business that provides personal growth,
  •  like play and provides you with a fulfilling career,
  • comforting knowing you have the money to do what you WANT to do, and the ability to give back. 

This is where your heart and soul, your life and career all come together!  

If your guidance is calling you, PLEASE JOIN us on Aug 16th to experience abundance from the inside out in this life-changing workshop.

Saturday, Aug 16th, 2014
from 9am – 5pm

Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Livermore, CA 94551

(Value:$497 )

Early Bird Special  only $49 

Regular Ticket $65 until Aug 14

$95 At the Door

confidence | Victoria Buckmann

Icon - Secure LockYou will be experiencing change right in this workshop! Your life and your year will be transformed forever.

You will be tapping into your own innate wisdom on this day and you will end the day knowing you can do this for yourself again and again.

You will leave the workshop a different person with a new perspective.

New opportunities abound when you ‘change your mind’.

I look forward to helping you change your life!

With Love,

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