Curiosity – the Road Map to Your Divine Mission

I have been having thoughts about ‘Sacred Geometry’ pop into my head often lately. I have to say geometry was not one of my favorite subjects and I did not excel in that class. But, Sacred Geometry definitely has me curious and has peaked my interest lately.

So, as I often do I drew a card from one of my card decks, (Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) and the card I picked was Curiosity. It guided me to start a project related to something that has me curious.

Lately it has been sacred geometry which I know very little about.  This card went on asking me, “What do I often wonder about?” So I ask you, what do you wonder about? What would you like to learn more about?

When an idea or subject pops into your mind and you get curious about it, this is your soul or heart steering you in a direction. It is your road map to your higher purpose or some part of your mission that you are here to learn and share with others.

I encourage you to start to pay attention to your thoughts and actions and get an awareness of where your curiosity lies. Begin to take notice of topics that excite you.

Pay attention to what you do with your spare time, (ha ha…like we really have spare time now a days!).

When you meet other people and converse with them, what grabs your attention about them? What specific topics seem to grab your attention and get you excited?

This card suggested that I start a special project to learn more about this topic that keeps coming up in my thoughts. It told me to read about “Sacred Geometry” and interview people who are experts on the subject.

In other words, this card made me realize that we can use our curiosity as fuel to lead us in the direction of our purpose, our mission, what we are passionate about so that we can get a better understanding of ourselves, what we came here to learn and then teach and to get a deeper understanding of our world.

It also taught me to use my thoughts, my intuition to guide me in the direction that I am meant to go in. And when I do that, it feels GOOD and RIGHT.

What topic are you going to explore in the coming days?

Victoria Buckmann
Sales With Spirit

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