What is your time worth?

As women we tend to give away our talents and gifts.  This is not a bad thing, we are givers.

What you need to improve upon is ‘giving to yourself’ first!  We all can be better at this.

When you think about what you want to make this year, what number do you come up with?

Take that number and divide it by 52 weeks or the number of weeks that you want to work.  So for instance if your number was $100,000. and you divided it by 52 you would now have $1923.

Take this number (ex: $1923.) and divide it by 40 hours per week or the number of hours you WANT to work per week. In our example you would now have the number $48.

That is what your value is $48.00 per hour, if you used our example.  I am thinking that your number may be higher than this.

This gives you an idea of what you should be charging and what value you might put on your time and talents.

Any time you find yourself doing tasks where you could pay someone less to do the task, think it through, “Is this the best use of your time?”  You may want to hire someone or find a different method that uses your time in a more valuable way.

If you don’t have enough business to justify hiring someone, this may be the reason why.  Are you using your time in the most effective way to bring in more clients and more money?

Value your time and gifts.  Think about the value that you bring into others lives.  When you change someone’s life for the better, that is PRICELESS!



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