Creating Success in 2012, A New Energy

We hear it everywhere we go.  This is the year of transformation, the year that the Mayan calendar comes to an end.  Our world is changing, thank God, and so is our consciousness. This is a fabulous year to achieve the life long goals and dreams that we have been wanting to achieve…goals that may have been on our New Year’s list time and time again.  I wanted to share with you the best ways that we can make these goals a reality in this wonderful year.

More than 1000 studies have concluded that goals that are very clear, specific and a stretch…that set the bar high, result in better performance and more success than those that are vague and too low.

Of course you don’t want to set goals so high that they are unrealistic or impossible to attain, challenging but possible is the sweet spot.  Somewhere in between our ‘comfort zone’ and our ‘panic zone’, so that we have to stretch but not so far that we snap and give up. So with that said, WHAT IS YOUR #1 GOAL RIGHT NOW?  LET’S GET REALLY SPECIFIC.

My challenging goal this year is __________________________.

In these same studies they found that those who imagined the challenges and obstacles that were going to come up in achieving their goals were more successful than those who ‘thought it would be easy’.  I am all for visualization, I know how powerful it is to see the end result.  What you don’t hear very often is – visualize the end result and imagine some of the obstacles that might come up and what solutions you would use to overcome those obstacles. This is a very powerful idea, and it will help you to achieve the success you desire.

Some of the challenges I’m going to face while achieving my #1 goal might be________________________________________.

This type of thinking allows you to bring into focus what you will have to do to make your goal happen.  Thinking about the steps before you actually begin doing the steps plays a game with your mind.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it, so when you go and perform the steps it is a little easier because you have done it once before – even if only in your mind.

Focusing on how the dream or goal will make you feel once you have achieved it is another very important point.  It is the feeling that having it gives you – that helps you to stay committed, focused and motivated.

If you want more self discipline to stay on track, you have to work on it daily. I call this your discipline muscle.  It is the same as the muscles in your arms. In order to make it stronger you have to give it practice or exercises daily to help it become stronger.  Little steps, like lifting a light weight over and over, will begin to add strength and increase your self discipline.  I tend to use sticky notes all over my house.  In order to remember to spend time imagining my dreams and the steps I will take, I have notes that say ‘meditate on dream’ stuck on my computer, my mirror and my door of my office. Reminding myself is like lifting that weight over and over and over again.

Last of all, if you focus on getting better while reaching for your dream or goal, you will tend to be kinder to yourself, and keep moving forward. Attaining your dreams is a process, if you see yourself improving over time it is easier to stay on track vs. thinking you should be at the finish line just as you leave the starting gate. When you focus on personal growth and making progress toward your goals, you will be far more forgiving and graceful when the obstacles do come up.

Here is to a fabulous 2012, and achieving your #1 goal.  My intention is to help you get there by sharing some simple tips.

I am being certified as a Dream Coach in January, and I intend to do my part in helping to make 1 million people’s dreams come true.  Let’s be that one in a million!  Cheers – to your success!


Victoria Buckmann

Your Wealth Catalyst



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