Give Thanks in this new economy

What a great time of year to look back and count the blessings that have come to you. No matter what your current situation might be, I’m sure there is something you can feel grateful for today. You woke up this morning and you are reading this….Give thanks! Take a deep breath and give thanks for the life energy that is surging through your body.
It’s also the perfect moment to look forward and realize the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that lie in front of you. All you have to do is believe — really believe to the core of your being — that you can move your life in a positive direction. Give thanks and open your heart to receive. Be grateful for all that you already have and all that you already ARE.
Sounds simple, and it is, but not necessary quick and easy. Here are some suggestions to help you shift your system into a positive, receptive, grateful mode.
• Use the energy of Thanksgiving and the holidays to actually give thanks. Remember the good things that happened to you this year, no matter how small, and remember that you manifested those good things. They didn’t come to you by chance. Thank yourself for allowing yourself to create good in your own life.
• Remember all the moments when something happened, no matter how small, that made you say to yourself, “I wonder where that came from.” Those seemingly coincidental incidents were not coincidences, they were your creations. Allow yourself to believe in your power to create.
• Reach out to those who are less fortunate than you. Give of your time, talents, or treasures to those in need, and give thanks for your ability to do so.
• Visualize a future in which you are comfortable and happy. Create a clear picture in your mind of where you would like your life to be a year from now, and ask yourself, “How can I make this happen?” Each day, repeat the question and say to yourself, “I am open to receiving an answer. Show me what I could do today.” Spend at least 10 minutes each day sitting quietly with yourself or in meditation as you wait for the answer.
• Make plans for your future. In other words, if your visualized future comes into being, what is going to change in your life and what do you have to do to prepare for that change or perhaps to stimulate that change.
• Be aware of the emotions that present themselves as you move through these exercises. Always remember the situation doesn’t cause the emotions, the emotions cause the situation. Emotions – Energy in Motion. Be grateful, give thanks….

Living my Passion.

Victoria Buckmann

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