Self Care = Gratitude

March 6, 2014 Categories: energy healing, Energy Work, gratitude, Little Voice, self worth by 0 Comments

 I have been focused on self care this month.Self care is about being grateful and appreciativefor yourSelf, yourself, your body and the ones youlove.  We have an easy time thanking others, butHow often do you thank yourself for all the thingsyou do every day? I have just started to do this, and it feels pretty amazing.I […]

Take Care Of Yourself and Allow Abundance To Flow

February 24, 2014 Categories: energy healing, Energy Work, Self Worth by 0 Comments

When you are a coach or teacher, it is so important to walk your talk.  Lately the Universe has been showing me how I can improve upon taking care of myself.  That seems to be the theme for most of us women today (and men), putting ourselves first on the list, making our needs important, […]

Have you been Creative Lately?

October 8, 2013 Categories: dreams, goal setting, gratitude, Uncategorized by 0 Comments

Most of us go around thinking everything is fine. If we can keep everything ‘status quo’, we’ll be ok. Our business will go on the way it always has. We keep doing things the same, why deviate from what has been working? But is this true? When was the last time you came up with […]

Increase Your Happiness, Increase Your Business

September 12, 2013 Categories: Beliefs, gratitude by 0 Comments

I received a letter in the mail from my realtor and she included a sheet entitled, “5 Reasons to Get Happy”.  I was very happy that she had sent this reminder to me, and now I want to share some of it with you. Happiness is a choice. It is much more than a state […]